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I am Big Burger, an illustrator and (motion) graphic designer with strong research ability and background in anthropology and sociology. I just got the prize from Japan Illustratiors' Association, and my motion graphics project regarding healthcare was selected to represent the institution from other 3 resemble projects while I studied in MA design in England. I also have more than 3 years’ work experience in online education (OCW) video-editing. I am proficient in Adobe PS, AI, AE and ID. My main passion is on illustration and educational motion graphics/animation.



My Philosophy–

My inspiration comes from various aspects, but what I love the most is to create freely by associating what flows in my consciousness and to put absurd, even conflictual elements together. I like to combine asymmetric and unbalanced elements to break the aesthetic habitus and to shatter conventions to return to a form of “primitive substance”, then finally form balanced and simple solutions for meaningfully delighting people.

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