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Mushroom Girl


Other Characters


yellow donald duck

Seal love




Cat X 阻街女郎

U-Gin 禿頭少女

U-Gin 禿頭少女

butterfly in stomach

Agy chestnut

Shu~ukiyoe Xmas



Ms. Poopoo


Bronze Goddess

The archaeology courses I took during the college years arouse my interests in

ancient Chinese art developed in Bronze Age. At that period, most bronze wares 

were used to worship gods and regarded as divine and honourable. In addition, 

the designs, patterns and carved animals all aesthetically attractive and exquisite 

for me. That is why the character is humanized as a goddess on the basis of 

“Square Zun Carved with Four Goat Heads”, a well-known bronze ware made in 

late Shang Dynasty (13th century B.C ~ 10th century B.C)


Chestnut Cáfe

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