Design for Bar 'Grafitti'

Design for Democracy 

As a reflective citizen, I consider myself to have the responsibility to voice for the

minorities. While Taiwan has been long internationally unrecognised as 

independent nation and always being threatened by China both economically 

and politically, what make our country advanced are the democracy government 

and multi cultures. Therefore, as our future were determined by the 

surreptitious governmental operation, I utilised my design talent to promote the 

core ideas of the protest beside actually joined in.


Fig.1-3(horizontal) were designed when I was in the Anti-Media-Monopoly-Youth-Alliance in 2012-13, The goal was mainly to oppose a company which bought a newspaper to exploit its pro-Beijing stands and use their media power to attack dissidents. Fig.1 is a ghost that was appropriated from the well-known Want Want Ltd's mascot, the company that were opposing. The Want Want company is the biggest cookie company that people buy to sacrifice to gods and ghosts during the month of the ghost festival In Chinese cultural this tradition is a very important one thus, we distributed a sticker that I designed ,shown in Fig.1, outside of certain shopping malls. We used this sticker to express our concern. Fig.2 is a snapshot of the fan page of the alliance. Fig.3 was a poster that advertises our ideologies around the island of Taiwan.